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There are eight Award Categories and Criteria Excluding the overall Business of the Year Award, these are detailed on the nomination forms – you may download a pdf for completion and return by email or you may complete via our online electronic copy below:


Benefits of Enter the Awards

Entering The Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards 2018 yields innumerable benefits. Your involvement whether you enter, judge or sponsor can boost both your personal and your organisation’s reputation, accelerating and developing new competencies

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You have worked hard, and if you’re reading this page, then you have accomplished something remarkable.
Acknowledge your achievements by entering the Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards.
Any Individual appreciates being recognised by others for their personal contribution and achievements,
and many individuals are motivated by more than financial gain.
This recognition serves as a tool for reinforcing the behaviour that drives an organisation to excellence.
The recognition of one individual has a ripple effect within an organisation.
Individuals are motivated by more than financial gain.
Even if you don’t win, you’re sending a clear message to your peers and the marketplace that you have calibre to be a finalist.

Entering and winning Awards ensures that those individuals you work with will know your achievement and give you recognition.
This in itself may open doors to new opportunity within your organisation or in the wider marketplace for your organisation.
The Awards are also a great PR and marketing opportunities that will raise your personal and organisational profile within your business community.
The Awards let your clients know that you are major force within your sector.
Even if you don’t win, you’re sending a message to your peers and the wider marketplace that you have the calibre to be a finalist and will gain valuable exposure for your organisation.

Team Work
Entering the Awards is one way of showing your value to your team’s efforts… that you have monitored their progress through the year and are proud enough to showcase that to the wider industry.
Entering the Awards provides an immediate moral boost within the workplace and motivates individual to continue their contribution the organisation. Employees enjoy working for successful and appreciative organisations.
Winning or being Finalists for the Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards lets you recognise your team
members or employees for their contribution therefore raising their profile internally and externally

Even if you don’t win, you’re sending a message to your team that what they do really matters.

The best award programs act like an objective external audit of both your strategy and your B2B communications skills. You can measure whether your approach is as robust as you thought. If you win an award that is great… as it’s something that you can show the client or the board (perhaps protecting your department’s budgets for the coming year).

Even if you don’t win, it’s an opportunity to ask the questions to ensure your future development. It can determine areas of under performance and act as a constructive conclusion that will inform future plans.

The entry process itself can be valuable if it is treated as an opportunity for corporate self-reflection.
Entering the Awards exercises introspection and the willingness to learn more about your fundamental
nature, purpose and essence.
It is an opportunity to have an internal dialogue around a particular campaigns or projects and identify its core strengths – maybe even sparking ideas for future work.
In preparing nominations, you’ll also end up with a document that can be used in other ways.
You can post it on your own website or send it as proof of capabilities to a potential business partner.

Business Leadership
Entering the Awards give you and your organisation access to a network of business leader and influences from a diverse mix of companies large and small.
There is sufficient time to network and connect with those of influence throughout the awards evening.
The Awards evening administers breaks for networking and connecting with like mind professionals
as well as the business leader and influencers.
You will have the spotlight shining on your achievement in presence of business leader and influencers.

Even if you don’t win, it’s an opportunity to network and connect with business leaders and influencers

Can you imagine how it would feel to walk up to the stage and scoop your award.
To be able adjoin “Award Winning” to all your marketing material can assists in setting you apart
from your competition thus building client loyalty.


Sorry, this years event is over - further information for next years event will be available shortly

Sorry, this years event is over - further information for next years event will be available shortly

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