Special Thanks – Private Dinner

 Thanking all those who have supported us on the journey…

The Nachural Sponsorship Dinner at Park Regis, Birmingham.

This was our opportunity to say thank you to our sponsors and supporters, to introduce new to old and to consolidate the beneficial partnerships within the Nachural Group of Companies.

With “The Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards” soon to be upon us this was a chance for all to meet and network on a very personal but informal environment, to introduce senior management and their companies to each other, creating new opportunities and expanding their horizons.

This is the essence of the Nachural Events ethos, our aim was to instigate a quality business event that satisfied 3 key principles, 1) to encourage and support business growth, 2) to enlighten and inform, 3) to create an informal and entertaining networking opportunity.

We believe we have achieved our goal with our “Signature Awards” and “The Nachural Summer Business Ball” with each event being successfully sold out and securing continued sponsorship from companies who reaped the benefits of our unique networking platform and extensive media coverage.

Having consolidated our base within the Black Country and Birmingham, we now turn towards the wider West Midlands and look towards Leicester and Nottingham and the East Midlands, a key area of business development.

The Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards, is an exciting development to the Nachural portfolio of business events and brings new opportunities to envelop all within the true business heart of the UK. This new event will be the opportunity for East(Midlands) to meet West(Midlands), bringing together regional businesses who would not normally get the situation or opportunity to get together in a way that is conductive to generating new business.

If you have attended one of our business events you will understand what we mean, If you haven’t yet experienced one, then I thoroughly recommend you do so promptly, seats are selling fast and we are looking at another oversubscribed event with “The Natural Entrepreneurship Awards” Leicester Nov 2017. If your unlucky or unable to attend, then opt for “The Signature Awards” taking place at the ICC, Birmingham Feb 2018.



Further Details Are Available From : https://www.nachural.co.uk/tickets/

or https://www.nachural.co.uk/sponsorship/